Relationship Help | Utilize Each Spiritual Gift the Way God Intends

What Makes Each Of Us So Different? by Nancy Nair
I have a father and mother, 2 sisters and a brother. Each of us is different from the other. When we were born God placed in us a motivational gift. This determines how we would respond to life. (Romans 12: 7-8) He started preparing us for helping others right at our birth. He places different gifts within us so we can learn how to respond like Him. We are to attain all of God’s attributes so that we can be used by Him. So, as we are living our daily lives with our family while all see things a little different, we have a decision to make at that time. Are we going to hate each other or are we going to learn from each other?  This way, whoever we meet as friends or whoever we work with, we should understand that they are the way God meant them to be.
Each gift has a positive and a negative side. The positive would be us using our gift in the Spirit, glorifying God. The negative would be to use it for our glory, in the flesh. We should be very careful how we use this special gift God has given us, not to use it to get our own way, but to be an effective part of the body of Christ.
If God knows the number of hairs on our head, surely God would know the plan that He made for us. He would know if we were ready to be used by Him by how we respond in our family with each other. (This helps if we were taught this as we were growing up.)
If a father or mother would work with each child according to their child’s gift, they would respond differently to each of them. Growing up would be a time spent sharing with them how God wanted them to help Him. With each child knowing that they were not the same as the other, they wouldn’t feel mistreated.  When this becomes part of your life and you see others, for instance your brothers or sisters, responding differently to something, you won’t get mad at them. You will realize that God made them that way. 
We are looking forward in having a Spiritual Gift Seminar next year. Keep watching Life Partners Christian Ministries’ website or our Facebook page for more information.

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