Marriage | How to Keep the Love Alive

Six Love Secrets for Your Marriage by Ken Nair

How to make your love last.

“Take it one moment at a time: that moment leads to days, days to weeks, weeks to years.” One week before Valentine’s Day go to a card shop and buy 7 cards that express your heart’s feelings about your spouse. Give her one a day so that she gets a Valentine’s Day week rather than a Valentine’s Day. Then stand by and watch their heart be impressed with how wonderful you are.

How to keep the romance alive.

“Choose to prioritize each other over: the kids, work, hobbies, and TV.” Leave hand written notes in different places…to be found by your spouse…explaining how much she means to you.

Making up.

“Listen, learn, value, honor and above all else: Patience.” Learn to overcome the power of the “W” word and its resistance to being spoken. Learn to say, “I was wrong.” You’ll be surprised at the freedom it will give you when you have the power to make that admission. But don’t do it just because you have to. Do it to bring relief to the other person.

Surviving children.

“Build positive habits, never let bad habits divide you, always work as a team.” I wonder how many parents let their children hear words of endearment that spouses feel toward each other. Children love to overhear secrets; let them hear you whisper (not too softly) various forms of, “I love you because…”  They may see you as a team and work with you instead of against you.  It will certainly enhance the atmosphere in the home.

When there is distance between you.

“A great way to build a friendship with your spouse during your absence. During your day, write down snippets from the different events and share them with each other.” Don’t just report business events. You will make it personal when you include emotions you experienced in your conversations. It adds to the feel of being with them while you’re apart.

Getting through life’s ups and downs.

“Consistently make lists of things you are grateful for”. They’re only ups and downs if they are not re-interpreted into learning experiences. Learn how to interject emotions into the situation. Then, you will be able to identify with others when they go through an emotional situation. This will endear their hearts to you.

If the average husband were to incorporate these steps, his wife would think she’d died and gone to heaven!


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