Relationship Help | How to Better Understand your Spiritual Gifts

The Door Illustration by Nancy Nair 

When “life” comes knocking at your door, how do you or your family members react? Romans 12:6-8 lists different gifts that each person receives from God. See if you can find yourself or someone special in your life by reading this. Gaining understanding can help you and your family to get along better.


  1. This person may a decision about an issue, think it is a good decision, close the door and bolt it. This door is bolted shut.
  2. Usually a person will bolt a door when they are afraid that someone will try to talk them out of their decision. But, when a door is bolted shut, how can a person reason together with anyone? God says to come now and reason together.
  3. They may think: If people were more trustworthy, they would be good Christians.


  1. This person will make a decision about an issue. They then think it is a good decision, but will keep the door open just a tad. This way they can find out facts about the decision they have made. They love to talk it through, asking a lot of questions; very deep questions, because they really just want to prove that the decision they have come to is a fact. Their door is slightly open (ajar) to get facts.
  2. This causes some people to feel like they are expected to think like them only, as if they are pushed up against a wall.
  3. They will validate whether or not a person is a good Christian or not before they trust them.



  1. This person has a really hard time coming to a decision, because they are always looking around at new ideas. They have a hard time taking a stand because when they listen to the other side, it sounds good also. This is a revolving door.
  2. By revolving, they are always looking to encourage someone. This door is always moving.
  3. They may think: if people were more flexible, they could be good Christians.



  1. This person really doesn’t have much time to make great decisions because they are always so busy doing things for others. They look cautiously through the peep hole of the door.
  2. This happens after a while because they feel very abused by people who really don’t care about how they feel. If they opened their door all of the time, they would be worn out. Then, how would anything really get done, say like in a church setting. This door will have a peep hole in it, so that they can decide whether they want to open it or not.
  3. They may feel that people would be better Christians if they would be more responsible.



  1. This person will hear something and get intrigued with what they hear, but will have to check it out by reading many books. They love moving through many books that will agree with each other.  They love to learn.
  2. This door is always open, but only if you agree with them. Then the door will self-close, even slamming it in someone’s face, if you don’t agree with them. This person needs to learn to have an open mind if someone doesn’t agree with them.
  3. They feel people would be good Christians if they became more knowledgeable.


  1. This person is not afraid to tackle any thing that is thrown at them because their mind immediately starts to look through their mental store-house. They know just who to get to help them with their job or how to do it.  They label the job, the person, or anything else in order to have things running well.
  2. They are able to take on anything.  They need to be concerned about behaving lovingly and not being bossy while they are labeling and organizing. 
  3. They feel if people would get organized, they would be good Christians.



  1. They love to help others. They are able to see a need, as if they can see through a glass door.
  2. When they hear of a need, one which they feel they would love to help with, they will give what ever it takes to complete that mission. They are always looking through this glass door for people they can help.  This person needs to be careful to not have strings attached to their gift.
  3. They may feel that people are good Christians if God is blessing them, in the same way as God is blessing him.

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