Relationship Help | Affordable Ways to Have Family Fun

Because most of the country is getting nicer outside, lets have fun this month. There are so many things we can do that cost very less or no money at all and could make our loved ones happy.

1. Because May is a rainy month, let’s think of some things to do. On one of those rainy days…have everyone put on their rain boots and rain coats and all of us go play in the rain. You know how children love to walk in a rain puddle and jump in it? Let’s make a game of it…okay? The game would be to empty the rain puddle by jumping in it as a family till all the water is gone. If you have no rain maybe you could make a “rain puddle.” =)

2. Going places on a rainy day is really fun…so find a café that you could either walk to or drive your car close enough to, and then everyone walk to it for a cup of hot coco or coffee with a piece of pie. YUMMMMMMY.

3. Learn a song that you could sing as a family so that you could go to a nursing home and sing to the older folks there. Watch the smiles on the older folks who usually are so lonely. Maybe you could take a large batch of cookies (if the nursing home would let you) and give them to the older folks when you finish your song.

4. As a family, think of a saying that you would like to put on a tee shirt that the whole family would wear. You could wear it at different times during the month, then at the end of the month have a picture taken of the family to remember those fun days. I’m sure that people would enjoy looking at them when you are out and about, and probably ask you some questions. It would be a great time to meet new people.

Don’t forget to make your list of the things that your family would love to do. If you don’t get your list done soon, time will slip by and the month will be over.

When we do things with our family that is fun we can look back… and I will bring so much joy to each of us. I wish that I would have thought about doing this when my children were young. But just because they are older doesn’t mean I can’t think of things to do with them now.  

If you don’t let time go by and you get busy doing things with your family, as the children get older they will want to bring their friends (especially their boyfriends or girlfriends) to these gatherings because they will be extra special.  Instead of the mall being the place where kids hang out we can make our homes more attractive. As we encourage our children we also give them hope. Written by Nancy Nair


2 thoughts on “Relationship Help | Affordable Ways to Have Family Fun

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  2. There is some truth to this – especially that they dont appreciate any THING. I think that most people under 35 have had a lot of stuff in their short lives.

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