Marriage | How to Share Your Hurt with Your Husband

So many times, I hear women say that it is better not to share with their husbands what is going on in their hearts. If they let them know, he may get quiet and sulk or mad.  So, is it better not to really let them know what is going on? What will be the results of your silence in 10 years?

Remember nothing gets better; it only gets worse, when you leave things undone. It may seem to be the answer at the time because you don’t want to be made to feel like you are worthless but it would be best to think about the future and not the present. When your children leave, life may seem very lonely because you and your husband don’t know each other anymore. By this time, it is too late to build a relationship with your husband because you have lived a life of acting like all is well.

When God says to always tell the truth, He means it. He would rather you live a truthful life and find help when you need it.

Here is some advice:

1. Understand your feelings and speak only that.

2. Once your feelings have been shared don’t expect that all will be okay. It is only that you have spoken the truth.

3. Let the Holy Spirit convict your husband about how he has made you feel.

Written by Nancy Nair


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