Relationship Help | One Wife’s Honest Letter

18_large2My Dear Husband,

I struggle to know how to begin, but I imagine it cannot hurt to state again my deep love for you and my commitment to serve you and our family however God should lead. You have been the love of my life, a part of me – and after bringing nine children into this world with you, we are one in a way that can never be two again.

It is with hopeful expectation that I write to you now. Our life together has had seasons of joy, and moments of love. In spite of this, we both know that there has been a lot of pain but largely real hell during much of our 19 years of marriage. I cannot trace the cause of alienation to a solitary moment but I am aware that something has changed for me. I am no longer willing or able to continue living the same miserable existence that is our life today. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually weary. Our family is in a crisis state, and I am unable to continue this way. I do not intend this letter to be any sort of ultimatum or list of demands, rather I want you to understand where I am…and how serious I am. I pray (literally) that you will be able to hear God’s voice and respond to His Spirit in a way that will save our family.

I have written to you many times in the past. You have rarely responded positively, and when you have, it has involved mere fleshly sorrow and “change” that was short lived rather than true repentance. I can say this honestly because of the lack of the fruit of repentance that your life has displayed. Those are hard words, I know, but they are as true as any I know. I cannot make you different, I am done.

My experience with you is, and has been, one of your treating me with neglect, placing undo burdens upon me, leaving me to handle by default most of your responsibility in our home life, and a lack of protection, provision, affection and basic care and concern (honor) for my being the weaker vessel. Further, your ungodly ways while trying to project an image of a healthy well-adjusted home life is deceitful. You are a living lie. I confess my enabling of this lie for many years by my silence or attempts to keep up appearances so as not to embarrass you or myself. I repent of this enabling, and commit to never walking in the lie again.

I do not know what further I can say. I have said my piece, and am done. I am done with this letter, and I am done with the show.

All My Love, Your Wife

As a wife, can you identify with this wife? Most men do not know or believe this is the condition of their marriage! Let’s see how many wives can relate with this wife by clicking on “like”.


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