Christ Quest Ministries is a discipleship ministry company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer Christian-based mentoring for marriages across the United States that will promote the health of families in a culture where divorce, and thus single-parenting, is destroying families and the foundation of our nation’s future. Christians are taught how to illustrate the value of Christ-likeness to a lost world by building generations of Christians who have answers for life’s problems. Christ Quest Ministries will demonstrate biblically, God’s ways for resolving relationship problems, therefore eliminating the need for divorce. Our main goal is to teach God’s principles to couples and as they incorporate them into their lives they too will become living examples, bringing hope through their testimonies, to other married couples.

Through the twelve-hour Discovery Seminar, presented by Ken Nair, men and women are offered a new understanding about God’s plan for relationships. Participants come away with the strongest, most successful Christian testimony they’ve ever experienced. This seminar is conducted world-wide; registration can be accomplished through our website, http://www.christquestministries.com or by phone, (602) 485-5115.

Another service provided by Life Partners is The Christ-Quest Institute, which is a three-year follow-up program to the Discovery Seminar. The Christ-Quest Institute is a discipleship program wherein Christians are taught how to interpret all of life’s circumstances into opportunities to illustrate Christ-likeness. The CQI is conducted nationally in nine cities via closed-circuit TV. In addition, Ken Nair, President and Founder of Life Partners, along with Travis Turner, the National Group Leaders Administrator and board member, are available for speaking engagements for various events.

Personal training is also offered to graduates of the CQI if they are selected for training for disciplining others in Christ-likeness. One-on-one mentoring, personally or by phone, for individuals, couples, and families is also available nationally.

Visit our website for additional information or to purchase our product or services www.christquestministries.com



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  1. Judy

    I just read your article on Secrets to a Happy and Successful Marriage and so much was like reading about my life except our marriage just ended in December, 2010 after 17 years of marriage. Both of us love God but he came to Tucson, AZ four years ago to work for Dr. Randy Carlson at Family Life Radio. He left me in Ohio with our 17 and 19 year old daughter to sale our home, etc. He came back to move us out in November of that year but the adjustment and trusting him with our life was more then I could bare. See, he had several affairs throught out our marriage and was addicted to porn for years. I would take him back and work on restoring our marriage but something would always trigger my distrust in him. So, when he got us to Tucson he told me the truth that when he drove away to come there 5 months earlier that he was leaving me. So the feelings of whether he was wanting me there crept in and in the mean time our daughters came back to Ohio because they were over 18 now and could decide what they wanted to do and living 2,0000 miles away from friends and family was not it. We had another daughter married with 4 children back in Ohio also and my 84 year old mother. Since that move which has been 3 1/2 years ago I have lost my mother at 88 from a fall, my nephew was killed in a accident, my daughter got married and I have had 3 new grandchildren born. He was not supportive on me ever coming back for these occasions but I did and when I did I never wanted to go back with him. We started counseling with Dr. Todd Linnamon there in Tucson and he advised divorce. So that is what has happened but I was praying the other day and God said your are divorced on paper but not in the spirit. I love him and want to honor God, our children and grandchildren and the Lord has showed me so much about respecting my husband. But he is now engaged after only 6 mths after divorce was final. The lady also works at Family Life Radio but I know she came to work there after I had left Tucson.
    I am asking for prayer that God will renew a right Spirit in Bill that he will also want to work on bringing this marriage back together as God has designed it to be.
    Thank You, Judy

    1. Dear Judy, I wish I could say that your situation is uncommon. I’m thinking there are literally hundreds of thousands of women who can easily identify with the struggles you’re facing. I guess I am also dismayed that a man can hold a job at a Christian oriented, family ministry while destroying his Christian testimony and family. I know that you have tried every avenue you can imagine to “fix” your marriage. However, without a husband who will accept the challenge of personally illustrating Christ under the most demanding circumstances a man can face, his marriage (since no one knows a man’s real character like his wife does), a wife seems helpless and hopeless. It is a crying shame that Christianity can not boast that every Christian man lives with his wife in an understanding way…as Christ would. The most common name that Christians are called is, “hypocrite,” your example is a perfect illustration of why that is true. We would love to pray for you.

      For those who may read this, I am not saying that women are perfect, I am saying, that God requires a husband be a living example of Christ-likeness. That kind of leadership will be able to minister (as Christ would) to any area of a wife’s life and bring her to a place of spiritual maturity.

      I know that this response has the potential of raising the ire of many men. But I chose to follow Christ’s example as laid out for us in Ephesians 5:25-28. And I challenge every Christian man (as I renew this challenge to myself, even now) to apply that Scripture in their life.

      God Bless You,
      Ken Nair

  2. Laura Hargrove

    Dear Ken:
    I am interested in the image you used to illustrate the devotion on the Fruit of the Spirit. Three small congregations in our community representing four denominations plan to have joint worship services over the summer. The theme we have chosen is from Galations 5 – the fruit of the Spirit. We would very much like to use the image as a bulletin cover and as a poster notifying our community of our plans. We have also created a series of small banners for each fruit mentioned to be hung on the Sunday that we consider that fruit. We would love it if we could also make a big banner using the design of the image that is on your devotional. So, you see, we seek information about the artist or source so that we may ask permission to use this image. Can you help us?

    Thank you very much!
    Laura Hargrove

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